2015 AGM Minutes

Held at the Smith Museum at 7.00 pm on Monday, 2nd November 2015

1. Welcome and Apologies.

The Convener welcomed those present. Apologies had been received from Janet McNair.

2. Minutes of the AGM of November 2014.

These were accepted as minuted.

3. Financial Report.

The Convenor thanked Linda Chapman for her tenure in the office of treasurer, long after she had indicated her wish to step down from the committee. However the situation had now been resolved and Susan Stirling Aird was now established as treasurer. The convenor said that the slight deficit for the current year was a reminder that new fees would apply following the 2016 AGM, following committee decisions on the level for new payment. There were no comments on the financial report so the accounts were deemed accepted.

4. Election of Officers.

The Convener reported that, with the exception of the new treasurer position, the current office bearers were all willing to continue in their current positions. There were no proposals for any new committee positions, but Alisdair MacDuff had resigned and Gordon McEachern had joined the committee.

5. Future Programme.

The pending winter talks were all scheduled and the topic is the “Stirling Development Framework”. Following Jack’s participation in two workshops earlier this year he explained the basic aims of this project were still under development and after the general description in the first talk, subsequent talks would give current status details of the project aims.

The Trust website had not proved satisfactory in it’s current state and the committee will decide on what course of improvement will be adopted.

6. Convener’s Report.

The report had been circulated to all members, and the convenor emphasised the fact that the trust had objected to the two major current planning applications relating to Airthrey Kerse and Dunblane.

7. Any Other Business

There was none, and the meeting was declared closed.

Following on from the meeting, Simon Green of Historic Environment Scotland, delivered an excellent talk and slide show entitled “Straddling the great divide – a celebration of the late 19thand early 20thcentury architecture in Stirlingshire.

Jack Sutherland, Secretary and Vice Convenor