Our Constitution


The name of the Society shall be the Stirling Civic Trust.


The aims of the Society shall be to promote and encourage the following objectives by charitable means, but not otherwise:

  1. to stimulate public interest in, and care for, the beauty, history and character of the Stirling area with particular emphasis on the city of Stirling and its immediate environs;
  2. to encourage the preservation, development and improvement of features of general public amenity or historic interest;
  3. To encourage high standards of architecture, planning and landscape design in the foresaid area;

In furtherance thereof:

  1. to pursue these ends by means of meetings, exhibitions, lectures, publications, conferences and publicity and the promotion of schemes of a charitable nature and to make appeals and solicit donations in support of the aims of the Society.


Membership shall be open to all who are interested and who support the aims of the Society. Membership shall lapse if the subscription is unpaid three months after a reminder that it is due.


An AGM shall decide on the level of subscriptions, on recommendations put by the Committee.

Financial Year

The financial year shall end on 30th July and Accounts made up and audited and submitted to an independent examiner to be appointed by the Trust at the AGM.


The Executive body of the Society shall be its elected Committee which will be constituted as follows:

  • Office-Bearers: Convener, Vice -Convener, Honorary Secretary, and Honorary Treasurer.
  • Committee Members: A maximum of eight in number.
  • A Quorum for the Committee shall be five, including at least one office-bearer.
  • Honorary President: The Committee may elect an Honorary President.
  • Sub-Committees: The Committee shall have the power to form Sub-Committees to deal with specific functions.
  • Co-Option: The Committee shall have the power to co-opt in excess of eight members and also to fill vacancies.


Office-bearers shall relinquish their offices at the Annual General Meeting but shall be eligible for re-election. Members standing for election shall be proposed and seconded, having previously indicated their willingness to serve.

Annual General Meeting

An AGM shall be held in September or thereabouts to receive the Committee’s Report and the Accounts and to elect Office ­bearers and members of Committee. A quorum for an AGM shall be 10 paid-up members.

Every motion put before an AGM (other than an Amendment to the Constitution) shall be decided by a simple majority of those present; in the event of an equality of votes the Convener shall have a casting vote. An AGM shall be called with not less than 21 days notice.

Special General Meeting

Special General Meetings can be called by a minimum of 12 paid-up members giving notice in writing to the Convener at least 35 days in advance stating the purpose of the meeting. A quorum for such a meeting shall be 20 paid-up members.

Responsibilities and Powers of Committee

The Committee will organise a programme of meetings, events, visits, etcetera, which shall be open to all members, potential members and, where appropriate, to the public. A list of meetings shall be issued to members with the notice calling the AGM and any event which is arranged after the list has been issued shall be notified to members at least 15 days in advance.

The Committee shall keep under review all matters affecting the quality of the environment, including demolition, construction, alteration, or maintenance of buildings and landscape, management of traffic and preparation of statutory plans and shall, alone or in concert with other interested bodies, make representations to appropriate authorities. The Committee shall produce or arrange the production of, such journals and broadsheets, etcetera, as it may deem important for the advancement of the aims of the Trust, or for the information of its members. The Committee may, alone or in concert with other interested bodies, arrange exhibitions, award schemes, or conferences.

The Committee may call Special General Meetings of the Trust at any time on 21 days notice, if it wishes the members to decide on any particular policy issue. The Committee shall have powers to do all that is necessary to ensure the proper and efficient administration and management of the Society.


The Committee shall, out of the monies received by the Society, pay all proper expenses of administration and management of the Society and shall use the residue of such monies as it thinks fit in furthering the charitable aims of the Society. All monies shall be kept in an interest bearing account of a local bank. Cheques drawn on such account shall be signed by the Honorary Treasurer and one other Office-bearer.


Proposed Amendments to the Constitution shall be submitted to the Convener 35 days in advance of an AGM and shall be considered by the Committee. The Committee’s recommendation, together with the proposed Amendment, shall be placed on the Agenda of the AGM. An Amendment shall be carried when there is a two-thirds majority of those present, with a minimum of 10 members voting.


In the event of the winding-up of the Society, the residual funds shall be transferred to such one or more charitable bodies, having objectives similar to those herein before declared, to be chosen by the Committee.