Who We Are

  • Convenor: Jack Sutherland
  • Vice-convenor: Position vacant
  • Secretary: Jack Sutherland
  • Minutes Secretary: Roger Chapman
  • Treasurer: Nigel Buchanan

Committee members

  • Johnny Cuthbert
  • Gordon McEachern
  • Mick Stewart
  • Susan Stirling-Aird
  • Jim Guinnessy

Planning Committee

The planning sub committee examine planning applications submitted to Stirling Council, and comment or object as and when they think appropriate.

Wherever possible however they seek to intervene early, before an application has been submitted.

They hold regular meetings with the Chief Planning Officer to discuss issues which are likely to come to the fore.

They have recently submitted their comments on the draft Local Development Plan.

The current committee members have professional expertise in architecture, planning, legal matters, and project control and administration.

Members’ Activities

On behalf of the members, the committee organises a limited number of talks and visits every year, to buildings or developments of interest. All of these are free to members.

Members are circulated with a quarterly news sheet to keep them informed of committee actions.

Members are encouraged to inform the committee of any issues appropriate to the aims of the constitution, they they feel should be considered by the committee.